Saturday, May 24, 2014

Off To The Races

It's been 7 1/2 months since I got GBS, and I'm finally seeing the rapid rate of recovery that is expected in the latter stages of the illness. Two days ago I rode the spinner stationary bike for the first time, putting in a solid 20 minutes after doing a 45 minute walk around the house. I also made sure to get some wall squats in which strengthen the quadriceps. The spinner focuses on different muscle groups than walking and helps strengthen the hip flexors in particular. I also felt it working my ankles through the repetitive motion-- a welcome sign given that my ankles are an area of weakness and I have trouble with heel raises. Later in the afternoon after resting for a while I did a walk in our hilly neighborhood, going 0.8 miles with the aid of a cane on the steepest parts. Not bad for one day of recovery!

Doing the PT to the best of my ability gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I am not just waiting to get better; I am putting in work each day that helps me toward that goal. It is rewarding to see my progress and especially rewarding now that I am really on the upswing. Yesterday my internist gave me the green light to take the Metro by myself in D.C. So I'll be back on the subway and able to get around the city! I'm already making plans to get together with people. I heard about delays and recent deaths on the Red Line-- the line closest to my house -- but remain undeterred.

We have had the benefit of magnificent spring weather of late in Washington and it has no doubt helped to lift my spirits. After a long, snowy winter of being stuck inside and trudging the hallways of Manor Care Potomac with the aid of a walker it is a blessing to be out in the great wide open strolling the tree-lined streets of D.C. with the minimal assistance of a cane.

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